Retirement: Twice the Husband. Half the Pay.


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New Book

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"Retirement: Twice the Husband. Half the Pay."

...exposing the Myths versus Reality of Retirement.

Are YOU prepared for Retirement?

Do you know ALL that you should know to help you avoid the pitfalls of retirement?

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Women, Listen Up!

What you don't know could land you in poverty, dependent on your family, or worse... welfare. My book,
"Retirement: Twice the Husband. Half the Pay"
is a must read, especially for women... of all ages. Watch for a special web site -- just for you -- coming soon as an extra BONUS feature of this book.

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A Special Notice to All Visitors!

Retirement: Twice the Husband. Half the Pay, will feature special opportunities to help you better prepare for your own future retirement. I am looking for the "Best of the Best" opportunities that will truly help people. Please read the Advertising Rules that follow.

Everyone who purchases a copy of Retirement: Twice the Husband. Half the Pay, whether in Print or E-Book format, will be invited to submit a link in a special web site to an income producing opportunity. Such opportunities should be reasonably stable and proven to produce and deliver as promised by the providers of the opportunities. Each such Ad must be in accordance with the provider's advertising policy and approved by me for content and reasonable claims. Anti-Spam rules will apply. Should the advertising link cease to connect or exist, your link will be removed upon discovery. You may submit a replacement link up to 3 times without charge. A Link Update charge may apply after 3 such link updates, or if I suspect abuse of the policy.

Paid Advertising

E-Book Paid Advertising will be available and connecting with the E-Book version in the format of Links and Banners. You must furnish appropriate Links, Banners, and any Ad Copy needed. Sizes and Prices to be forthcoming. Quotes on Custom Ads upon Request.

Print Book Paid Advertising: Advertising space in the Print version may be purchased and will appear in a special section at the back of the book. All Advertising must be approved as appropriate for inclusion. All Advertising must be submitted prior to my book Print Run. All Advertising will have special Web Links in the E-Book version. Your Ad Space should be reserved as quickly as possible. All Advertising should have reasonable longivity of the product, service, or potential earnings, as ONCE PRINTED, THE AD CAN NOT BE CHANGED.

Notice to the   Very   Special   Entrepreneur!

ONE PERSON - just one person - will be able to purchase the book's Back Cover Full Color Ad Space.  Will that one person be YOU?

The Advertising that captures this unique space must be for a legal, proven and stable product or service. The Advertiser must be a leader representing high ethical standards and successful in his or her field of expertise -- a Role Model interested in helping others improve their current income and lifestyles, and or prepare for their future retirement.

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*Pricing is subject to increase.

Submit Your Bid and Ad Copy to:
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The Time is NOW

Your "Biological Retirement Clock" is Ticking.
Every second becomes your "Past". Now is the Corect Time to Step into Your Future.
What Action will You take Today?
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